Introducing SammEE

The Essential Current

Welcome to 2014 everyone! In exciting news, Essential Environmental has been formally accepted to present our new piece of groundwater modelling software SAMMEE at the 2014 Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium in February, as well as the IPWEA state conference in March.

In case you missed our blog article on the introduction of SAMMEE to the greater world posted at Christmas time last year, please read on!

The rapid development of Perth, high land prices and resultant sprawl has meant that urban development is now occurring in areas which have been avoided until now: relatively low-lying land affected by shallow groundwater which is often seasonally wet.

The most common approach to managing wet land and shallow groundwater in Perth has been to import fill to raise the finished surface level of a development and/or install subsurface drainage systems to control any rise in water levels that may result from reduced evapotranspiration. However, local fill material is becoming less available and…

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