Newsflash(flood): Helen on TV talking stormwater

If you didn’t catch Today Tonight last week then you missed our very own Helen Brookes, Stormwater WA vice-chair and hydrologist extraordinaire, being interviewed on a story regarding flash flooding in Perth’s suburbs during our recent storms.


This will happen if you don’t take Helen’s advice!!

Unlike the office (and farmers) who were happy with the amount of rain pouring in Perth recently, much of the city’s population were unhappy with the lack of sunshine. In particular were those people living in suburbs such as Cockburn and Atwell, whose streets turned into rivers with the drains blocked up and the stormwater runoff with no where else to go.

Helen’s advice?

Keep your garden tidy (leaf litter, sediment etc.), don’t put your rubbish out too early before pick up by Council, and manage your mulch so it isn’t piled up and doesn’t wash away easily! Simple!


Listen to Helen! She knows what’s what about good stormwater management!

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