Rainfall Update: Winter Is Coming

June is approaching and with it the end of Autumn. As it stands 2018 is set to be the driest Autumn on record in Perth.

A very mild summer where not a single day over 40°C was recorded has seamlessly bled into Autumn – 2018 has delivered one of the warmest and driest Autumns on record. So far Perth has recorded 29.4 mm of rain over 12 rain days. Which is significantly lower than the long-term average of 180 mm over around 24 days.

Here is the list of the top 10 driest Autumns on record in Perth:

Perth’s top ten driest autumns
Year Rainfall (mm) Rain days Ranking
2018 29.4 12 1
1983 42.4 19 2
2009 57.8 12 3
2006 61 19 4
1972 63.7 19 5
1914 66.8 25 6
1912 73.7 15 7
1959 79.3 26 8
1895 80.3 20 9
2000 81.3 16 10

We have two weeks left of May to get some rainfall and hopefully bump 2018 down the list. For the moment there is no rain is forecast for the next week, with each day looking like a carbon-copy of the last; 25°C and sunny.

Current conditions might be ideal for a “love a good Perth ‘Autumn’ ” Instagram post down at the beach, but here’s to hoping we get some rain soon!


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